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Little One

Wisdom Heart Theater

June 21 – 29

Old Dominion University Studio Theater


by Hannah Moscovitch

Directed by Paul Lasakow & Staci Murawski

Cast: Sullivan Peterson-Quinn as Aaron & Cristina Rose as Claire

When 4-year-old Claire is adopted into the family, 6-year-old Aaron’s childhood is disrupted by his new sister whose behavior reveals unsettling insights into her unknown past. Told from his perspective as an adult, “Little One” is the story of Aaron’s fractured childhood, his strange sister, and her fixation with their neighbor and his mail-order bride. Wryly humorous yet ultimately haunting, “Little One” is a gripping 60-minute psychological thriller that asks: How much strain can love withstand?

"... splendidly creepy... witty, smart and insidious" – Canada Globe and Mail

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